Pro TableTop, August 20 2019

Terrain and Mats

Today we are happy to announce that the terrain sets are for SALE!

We have partnered up with Tectonic Craft Studios to bring the terrain for our events to life.

You will find 3 different tiers to fit every ones needs whether its price or style.

We have developed the ruins to have no bases to them so that the nice art of the mat can show through. This will also allow the ruins to be picked up during play with out interfering with the models.

We have designed the craters and forests to be even and low to the ground to make placing the models on them a lot easier.

We will post the full rules on the terrain and how it interacts during the game later this month.

You can find all the details about our terrain HERE.

You can purchase the terrain sets HERE.

Now get Practicing!

We have finalized the art for out mats and the terrain layout on them which can be found HERE.

The mats will be available for purchase soon to the public. Anyone that has purchased a ticket you will receive an email soon with an update that has options for how to get yours.

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